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Your Council Tax Precept Explained

Many residents would have received their Council Tax bills from South Gloucestershire Council in March 2023 and you're probably wondering what the money you pay for Patchway Town Council's precept goes towards. In this article, we will outline where the money raised goes and how it benefits your Town.

What is a Council Tax Precept?

A Council Tax Precept is set by Patchway Town Council which is a tax on local residents to provide services for them at a local level. The Precept is set by Patchway Town Council and forms part of your Council Tax Bill. Patchway Town Council forecasts how much money it is going to need the following year. This is then divided by the number of properties in the parish that fall into Band D Council Tax bands. This figure is adjusted to take account of such things as exempt properties and planned new houses to get the precept each Council Tax payer in the parish will contribute, this is called the Council Tax Base.

What is a Council Tax Base?

Putting it simply, a Council Tax Base is the number of properties who are eligible to pay Council Tax within that parish area. This fluctuates year on year depending on developments and other factors. In 2023/2024 the tax base for Patchway has decreased by 44.5% from 4,203 households to 2,332 households, due to the formation of the Charlton Hayes Parish.

Why does this affect me?

This will affect residents in the Patchway parish area as Patchway Town Council are still having to provide the same levels of service, assets and maintenance programmes as we have done previously but on a lesser tax base. This means that residents will see a small increase in their Council Tax precept due to the amount of households that have been lost from the parish area. Patchway Town Council have been providing assets and facilities for the people of Patchway and Charlton Hayes however now, we are still providing those services but on a reduced tax base, thus meaning a higher overall Council Tax Precept for those living in the Patchway area.

The precept is lower than last year's, so why has my Council Tax Precept increased?

This is correct. The Precept for 2022/2023 was £816,643 and the Precept for 2023/2024 is £540,271, which is a difference of £276,372 (33.84%). The reason your overall Council Tax Precept has increased is due to the reduction of 44.5% in the Council Tax Base, due to the formation of the Charlton Hayes Parish. If the Tax Base hadn't been changed, all residents were likely to see a decrease in their Council Tax Precept, based on Patchway Town Council's five year financial plan.

What do you spend my Council Tax Precept on?

The whole amount we raise as a Council Tax Precept is costed on a balanced budget and is reinvested back into the Town. You can see our whole budget online at but here are a few snippets of where your money goes!

  • Over £280,000 is invested into the running of the Town Council. From maintaining the Council's open spaces, play areas and facilities to the administration of the Town Council. We have a dedicated full time team, on hand each and every day to deal with your queries, to empty your litter bins and to be here to support you as residents. We have a dedicated outdoor workforce who work hard to keep Patchway tidy and to fix any issues around the Town, that fall within our remit.

  • Over £8000 is invested to ensure we meet the legal requirements of running a Town Council with good accounting and audit practices.

  • £7250 is budgeted to pay for the democratic process of an election in 2023.

  • £15,000 is reinvested through our community event scheme as well as giving out grants to local organisations.

  • Over £110,000 is invested into our community facilities, play areas, open spaces and sporting facilities.

  • Over £270,000 is invested into capital projects in the Town that have a real community benefit such as the expansion of Patchway Community Centre and the redevelopment of the Pavilion at Norman Scott Park. This also includes a provision to maintain burial rights in Almondsbury Cemetery.

This list isn't by all means exhaustive but does provide a good overview of the where your money goes.

If you benefit from our open spaces, your verges being maintained, your local play area, one of our community buildings or even one of our litter bins, it is always good to know where exactly your money goes!

If you require more information, please contact the Town Clerk on or by ringing 01454 868 530.

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