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The Tumps - A Positive Plan for The Future

Now that the travellers have departed The Tumps in Patchway and the clean up operation of the mess (pictured below) has begun, we thought it was vitally important that we inform our residents what we are doing to stop this happening again.

The measures put in place previously in 2019 were not enough to deter the encampment. These measures were a steel barrier, four concrete blocks, a trench and a chicane of earth which did not stop the encampment.

Patchway Town Council has temporarily blocked off the entrance to the Tumps using the earth, stone and brick work left behind to create a mound which will now be earthed over and made ready for planting wildflowers. This entrance will not be in use again for vehicles at all. As well as the mound, we plan to continue the hedgerow all the way along to the pedestrian access as well as planting tree saplings which will mature over time. We feel that this will be suffice in order to protect this piece of land for the residents of our Town. The concrete blocks have been put into a trench behind the original gates to further reinforce the area.

On 19th May 2021, Mayor of Patchway Jon Butler and Deputy Mayor Councillor Roger Loveridge assisted with the movement of earth using their own time and equipment. Councillors are not paid by the Town Council. A digger excavated all of the mess on the entrance to The Tumps. The digger also compacted in the entrance way which had been completely ruined by the departing encampment. We have today put some wildflower seeds down and hope to add more over time.

The immediate field has a little damage to it however with the weather that is planned for the forthcoming fortnight, we are hopeful that the surface will repair itself ready to be mowed.

Patchway Town Council have paid £950 for 130 kilograms of human waste to be removed from site by a specialist company, who were on site from 6:30pm the day the encampment left. South Gloucestershire Council have also started to collect all of the rubbish that had been left too.

We want to make sure The Tumps is protected as area of beauty for our residents to go. If you have any suggestions on how we can make this area better for everyone in the Town, then please email us on

A special thank you also goes to Councillors Isobel and Roland Walker, who notified us of the attempt to get into the BMX track.

We would like to thank the Councillors, Officers and Residents who have helped with this matter.

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