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Temporary Road Closure - Highwood Road, Patchway

South Gloucestershire Council have advised of a temporary road closure on Highwood Road, Patchway in connection with Urgent Telecoms Mast Works.

They have written: Notice is hereby given that the South Gloucestershire Council in pursuance of the provisions contained within the above Act will for a period of up to 5 Days commencing on 3rd November 2022 prohibit *ANY Vehicle, Pedestrian, Cyclist and Equestrian proceeding along Highwood Road, Patchway (North Eastbound) from its junction with Durban Road for 50m Northeast.

The above restriction is necessary because Urgent Telecoms Mast Works are being executed on or near the carriageway consequent upon which is the need to avoid danger to road users, and the operatives engaged upon the works and serious damage to the road.


The Alternative Route for Vehicles is via Coniston Road.

*These works are anticipated to occupy the highway on 03/11/22 until 04/11/22 between 2200-0500 only.

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