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Temporary Road Closure - Gloucester Road, Patchway

South Gloucestershire Council have advised of a temporary road closure on Gloucester Road, Patchway in connection with bridge maintenance works.

They have written: "Notice is hereby given that the South Gloucestershire Council in pursuance of the provisions contained within the above Act will for a period of up to 5 Days commencing on 17th October 2022 prohibit ANY Vehicle proceeding along A38 Gloucester Road and Gloucester Road North, Patchway. At the junction under the bridge and of the northbound slip road to the west of the bridge at Gipsy Patch Lane junction.

The above restriction is necessary because bridge maintenance works are being executed on or near the carriageway consequent upon which is the need to avoid danger to road users, and the operatives engaged upon the works and serious damage to the road.


The Alternative Routes for Vehicles are via:

A38 northbound, Hayes Way, A38 southbound, Filton Roundabout, A38 northbound.

A38 northbound, Hayes Way, A38 southbound, B4057 (No left hand turn from A38 Gloucester Road to B4057 Gipsy Patch Lane)

A38 southbound, Filton Roundabout, A38 northbound (No right hand turn from B4057 to A38 northbound)

*These works are anticipated to occupy the highway from 20:00 – 06:00 on 17/10/22 – 20/10/22 only.

DATED 23/09/22 SIGNED Mark King

Head of Street Care"

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