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Summer Sports is a Success!

Patchway Town Council are pleased to say that our ‘Free Summer Sports Sessions’ were a great success and benefited over 800 young people in Patchway up to the age of 12!

These sessions were completely funded by Patchway Town Council and delivered by Signature Sports Coaching, who provided fun multi-sport activities for all children. These sessions were free for all Patchway residents and it something that the Town Council hopes to do more of in the future.

The sessions were delivered on The Jason Franklin 3G Facility at Scott Park for four hours each day in the summer holidays. In July, we had 198 children attend sessions with 62% being boys and 38% being girls. In August, we had 676 children attend and of which 60% were boys and 40% were girls. This shows the need for funded activities in our area and this is something that Patchway Town Council will focus on.

Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence, said this on the summer of success, ‘I am very pleased that we as a Council have been able to fully fund these spaces for our young people. The young people are the future of our Town and it is incredibly important that we give them the best start to life. I am so pleased to see the huge amount of numbers booked onto these sessions and it shows that there is a direct need for activities for young people in our area. I would like to say thank you to Signature Sports Coaching who have delivered such varied and exciting sessions for our young people. I am pleased to announce that in the October half term, we will be running more sports workshops for young people in Patchway thanks to a grant from South Gloucestershire Council. The Council would love to hear your feedback on these sessions, so please contact the Town Council office via email to'

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