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Stay up to date with your Town Council

Patchway Town Council would like to remind our residents of the ways that you can find out the latest information regarding your Town Council.


Patchway Town Council owns eight noticeboards in Patchway and these are regularly updated with information from the Town Council including meeting agenda's, posters for events and consultation information.

The noticeboards are located at:

- Callicroft House

- Rodway Road

- Arlingham Way Pocket Park

- Blakeney Road Playing Field

- Charlton Square

- Sparrowbill Park Play Area

- Coniston Community Centre

- Scott Park

Social Media

Patchway Town Council use Facebook for the messages that need to reach the community instantly. The Council also posts the agenda and a meeting date for the next meeting on here too. The Town Council has an active social media page which engages with residents in public forums or via the messenger tool. This is the fastest way to pick up the latest news from the Town Council.

Patchway Town Council website

Patchway Town Council's website is updated weekly and is packed with information on what the Council is doing for their community. You can see all of the agenda's, minutes from meetings as well as local news updates on here. There is also a plethora of local information for Patchway residents. There is a contact form you can use to contact the Town Council.

Public Meetings

All of Patchway Town Council's meetings are open to the public, for anyone who wishes to attend. There is a public participation session at every meeting which are held on the second, third and fourth Tuesday of every month (except in May). These meeting's allow residents to get their voices heard by Councillors and allows you to raise any questions you may wish to ask.

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