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PTC co-opts 2

Updated: May 22, 2023

At the Annual Meeting of Patchway Town Council on 16 May 2023, it was unanimously agreed to co-opt Cllr Daniel Fry and Cllr Peter Knight to the Callicroft ward of Patchway Town Council.

These vacancies arise from not having enough candidates for election in the Callicroft ward.

Upon his co-option, Cllr Daniel Fry had this to say, 'It’s a great honour to be chosen to serve the great people of Patchway for the next 4 years. The hard work starts now to make this town proud with 14 other fantastic councillors that have the best interests of Patchway at heart. I’ll bring passion, belief and knowhow to this council. I’m looking forward to the challenge.'

And Cllr Peter Knight had this to say on his co-option, 'Serving as a Councillor for the past few years, combined with role as Vice Chair of the Patchway Open Spaces & Transport Committee last year, has been an incredible journey. It has provided me with the opportunity to actively contribute towards improving our community's quality of life. I am truly honoured to be co-opted as a Patchway Town Councillor for the upcoming term and eagerly anticipate the privilege of making meaningful decisions that positively impact the lives of Patchway residents.'.

Cllr Daniel Fry

Cllr Peter Knight

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