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Pop Up Meeting for the Brabazon Masterplan

YTL are holding two pop-up meetings to discuss the new vision for the Brabazon Masterplan.

YTL looks forward to presenting an update on progress on its ‘Brabazon’ development at the former Filton Airfield and the new YTL Bristol Arena at the Brabazon Hangars.

The presentation will provide an update on site progress to date and planned development over the next three years as it readies for Arena opening in 2024.

Whilst planning permission already exists for major mixed-use development including over 2,500 homes, land for 10,000+ jobs and three schools, YTL will present its new vision for the site that will culminate in a new planning application in 2022.

Following the presentation representatives from YTL will be pleased to take any questions you have.

In partnership with YTL, The Community Engagement Forums will be hosting 2 Pop Up Events that all residents from South Gloucestershire are welcome to attend.

Join us for a presentation from YTL on what the plans are for former Brabazon Hangers, what it means for your local community, and give any feedback.

There are 2 meetings that will take place on Tuesday 9th November at 1:30-2:30 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm. You only need to attend one of the events.

If you have comments or questions already, please feel free to email ahead of the event so we can endeavour to have the information available.

If you are unable to attend the events but still wish to ask a question or add comments, you can send an email before the event.

Please send enquiries to with the subject: YTL Brabazon Masterplan questions/feedback.

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