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Patchway Town Council Plays Host to FACE’s AGM

Patchway Town Council were delighted to host the Foundation for Activity Community Engagement’s AGM at Callicroft House on Tuesday 2nd August 2022.

FACE are a long-standing community organisation and are also new youth work provider for Patchway. The AGM was a hybrid event with people attending in person as well as people being projected onto the large screen via video link. FACE shared a lot of information to what they have been up to in the previous year and their plans for moving forward into this year.

Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence and Deputy Mayor, Cllr Sam Scott were in attendance along with Cllr Roger Loveridge. The three members of the Council listened on how the organisation worked and how they hope to operate within Patchway moving forwards.

The meeting ended with some light refreshment and a talk about the evening’s proceedings.

Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence, said this on the event, “Patchway Town Council were delighted to host the event and it was very interesting to hear about what FACE had achieved over the last year. As Councillors, it was refreshing to hear some very positive stories around youth work and community engagement and the meeting provoked thought for a lot of us. I look forward to further strengthening our partnership with FACE to really benefit youth work in Patchway”.

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