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Patchway Town Council thank the Local Beat Team

The Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence, has penned a letter to the Patchway Neighbourhood Police Team in Patchway to congratulate them on the success that they have had in regards to stopping anti-social behaviour across the Town.

The letter which comes on behalf of the Council was written in response to the targeted work that the team have been doing to try and end the anti-social behaviour that become more apparent during December 2022. Thanks to the Patchway Beat Team, most of the perpetrators have been caught and some will now be trialled either in front of a young offenders’ panel or offered some help and guidance to steer them back on the correct path.

The letter, addressed to Local PC Harry Barrett who has taken on a leading role in these issues, states ‘The Council are very impressed with the way in which this has been dealt with and the speed that those responsible have been held to account. We look forward to hearing more updates from yourself around this topic and we thank you for ensuring our streets remain safe.’

The Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence states in the letter ‘I and the Council, would like to thank you for the hard work undertaken to tackle the anti-social behaviour issues that have been going on in Patchway and Charlton Hayes.’

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