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Wednesday February 19th : Patchway Library .Rodway Road are holding an Open Access Induction Day . The induction will cover: · The door access panel and how to use it with your existing library membership card · Tour of library and equipment and services available · How to leave comments/queries for staff · How the library closes at the end of an Open Access session and what warnings to expect · What to do in an emergency including location of emergency exits, position of customer phone and how to use it Find out more about Open Access, including the other terms and conditions of membership here: www.southglos.gov.uk/openaccess *Minimum age for Open Access membership is 16 years Children under the age of 16 can use Open Access but must be accompanied by a parent or carer at all times, who will be responsible for their safety. From the child's 16th birthday they should complete an induction and register for Open Access in their own name.

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