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Newnham Place Development - Consultation

At the meeting of Patchway Town Council on Tuesday 15th June 2021, the Council considered Live West's planning consultation for the Newnham Place site in Patchway.

It was unanimously agreed by the Councillors present to raise an objection to this consultation.

The Council would raise an objection as the type of housing was unsuitable for Patchway as there

needed to be more 3 or 4 bedroom homes, rather than the smaller houses or flats as proposed. The scheme for parking doesn’t work as it doesn’t take into account the existing residents and any visitors they may have.

The scale and design of the scheme is also incorrect and doesn’t give enough specific

or detailed plans on the type of housing. There were also concerns over possible overcrowding of that area and that there was insufficient access for emergency services.

If you have not had your say, you can do so over at

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