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New Basketball Court at Blakeney Road Playing Fields.

Patchway Town Council are delighted to announce, that nearly a month ahead of schedule, the installation of a new basketball court at Blakeney Road Playing Field is underway. This project has been partly funded £6000 from South Gloucestershire Council with Patchway Town Council funding the rest of the project.

The project will see a 12m X 8m basketball court be installed close to the play area and rear pathway of the playing field (accessed through Park Leaze). The court will be open for all and will not have any fencing. The surfacing will be made of tarmac and the two posts have been recycled from the previous site in Scott Park, thus reducing the cost. The project is being carried out by Dragon Play and Sports, who were the successful contractor after a tendering process was carried out.

Patchway Town Council would like to dispel any untruths you may have heard about the installation and allay some fears that residents might have.

  • The court will be free for everyone to use and not locked or gated.

  • This installation is part of Patchway Town Council’s Play Area Strategy, which helps to shape the future of our parks and playing fields, providing new equipment and street furniture to all of our parks.

  • Blakeney Road was identified as it is the land of Patchway Town Council and it has been neglected in years gone by. This installation is just one idea to help improve the playing field and make it more accessible and friendly for residents.

  • Patchway Town Council will not be banning dog walkers from Blakeney Road playing field.

  • Planning permission was not needed as Patchway Town Council is a Local Authority by Law and under Part 12 of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, the installation of a basketball court is a permitted development. Advice has been sought on this matter and this was the outcome that was derived.

  • There will be a ‘pathway’ of grass left around the perimeter of the court which is approximately 10 metres wide, so residents can access the field too.

  • The existing basketball hoop is to be removed and that area to be returned back to nature, due to the unsafe positioning of the hoop.

If any residents would like to discuss this installation or the play area strategy, please contact the Deputy Town Clerk, Jack Turner, via email to

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