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Nature Given a Big Boost in Patchway Thanks to Action Plan

Natural habitats and biodiversity have been given a huge boost across Patchway as the Town Council Local Nature Action Plan (LNAP) concludes its first year of five across four key areas.

Patchway is part of the wider Hedgehog Recovery programme and initiatives to support this most lovable of creatures have included installation of log piles and hedgehog homes at Scott Park and Blakeney Road Playing Field, and encouraging residents to install hedgehog access holes.

100 tree saplings have been planted at Scott Park as well as 5 oak trees at The Tumps with the Forest of Avon Trust. Tree planting at Blakeney Road Playing field will take place in the future.

Bird boxes have been installed at Scott Park and The Tumps, and Swiftmapper has been promoted to residents to help map migration of these fabulous birds.

This spring, we’ll be promoting biodiversity and habitats through our Grassland Management programme with taller grass meadows and wildflowers at our Allotment sites, Callicroft Road Playing Field and Highwood Road.

Much has been achieved in just one year, and we are excited to progress the LNAP across the next four years.

Read more the full Local Nature Action Plan and all the future plans across the full five years at

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