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Gauting students submit a Poem for Patchway

In May 2023, eight students and two teachers from Patchway’s twin town of Gauting, Germany visited our town for a week’s work experience and activities, staying with hosts from the Friends of Patchway Twinning.

Two fifteen-year-old students, Paul and Lucija have written a Poem for Patchway to celebrate our 70th Anniversary.

Our poem about Patchway

Patchway, a city in the UK, where dreams take flight,

With vibrant streets and a skyline shining bright.

In Patchway, you'll find a tapestry of life,

Where hustle and bustle blend with moments of respite.

From the bustling markets to the cozy cafes,

Patchway's charm will leave you in a daze.

Stroll along the winding streets, lined with history,

And discover hidden gems, a delightful mystery.

The people of Patchway, so warm and kind,

With open hearts and a welcoming mind.

They'll greet you with a smile, make you feel at home,

In this city where community has truly grown.

The parks and green spaces, a sanctuary of peace,

Where nature's beauty brings a sense of release.

Take a leisurely walk or have a picnic in the sun,

In Patchway, there's always something fun to be done.

From the local art scene to the vibrant nightlife,

Patchway offers experiences that ignite.

Soak in the culture, embrace the diversity,

And create memories that will last eternally.

Patchway, a city that's full of life and zest,

A place where you'll always feel your best.

So come and explore, let your spirit roam,

In Patchway, you'll find a place you can call home.

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