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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Patchway Town Council have been inundated with very serious reports of continuous fly tipping in Patchway. Fly tipping is illegal and a lot of people are starting to use the back lanes in Patchway as their dumping ground. However, due to the hazardous nature of fly tipping only South Gloucestershire Council’s StreetCare team can clear it up when it happens in our back lanes.

For South Gloucestershire Council’s Streetcare team to clear the fly tipping, the tipped rubbish cannot be on anyone’s property. This is then classed as private land and is the landowners responsibility to clear it. However, when it is in the middle of a lane that is South Gloucestershire Council’s Streetcare Team’s responsibility to clear it or even just investigate it.

We urge all residents to report all fly tipping to Streetcare as soon as they spot as not only does it make our area look unsightly but it is dangerous for wildlife in the area.

All calls and emails to Patchway Town Council about fly tipping are also reported to Streetcare for their investigation but the Town Council have no remit to clear larger fly-tipped items.

You can report it by clicking the link below:

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