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Coniston Road Subway – Patchway Town Council’s Response

Patchway Town Council are in support of the underpass at The Parade being closed. The Council are in support of this due to local school children and residents raising concerns over safety within the underpass and the area of The Parade. The Town Council are pleased to see there will be a much-improved crossing for all of their residents however the Council would like to ensure that the crossing will be raised, to ensure safety to all users. The Town Council would like to see a pelican crossing, with lights, installed as well as traffic lights to ensure the safety of residents. The Town Council would like to encourage more traffic calming measures as well as improving awareness of the 20mph speed limit on Coniston Road.

Due to the heavy traffic on Coniston Road, the Town Council would like to see Highwood Road re-opened to ensure Patchway does not continue as a ‘rat-run’ nor shortcuts for heavy goods vehicles. The re-opening of Highwood Road would take immense pressure off of the roads in the Town and would benefit residents of Patchway and Charlton Hayes immensely.

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