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Charlton Boulevard Bus Gate Consultation

South Gloucestershire Council is asking for community feedback to understand your views on future road traffic arrangements for Charlton Boulevard and Sparrowbill Way.

They say: South Gloucestershire Council are interested in hearing from local people about what should happen next with regards to the proposed bus gate at the southern end of Charlton Boulevard from its junction with Sparrowbill Way to Concorde Roundabout. Options under consideration are to either:

  • Remove the developer’s planning obligation to deliver a bus gate and keep Charlton Boulevard open to all traffic

  • Proceed with the original plans for a bus gate, which would restrict access to just buses, cyclists, taxis and emergency vehicles.

If you’d like to complete the online survey, you can do so here:, but you can find out more on our website: including options to download and send us a paper response.

How to have your say:

Paper responses to the survey should be sent to: South Gloucestershire Council Insight and Engagement Team Charlton Boulevard PO Box 1953 Bristol BS37 0DE

Problems completing the survey?

If you have any issues completing the survey, please contact South Gloucestershire Council's Insight and Engagement team by emailing:

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