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A Positive Internal Audit

Patchway Town Council’s Internal Auditor has stated that they are ‘pleased to again acknowledge the effectiveness of the existing accounting arrangements with support from an external contractor (DCK Accounting), the quality of retained documentation and approach to governance matter.’

Patchway Town Council has received a positive report from the internal auditor, Auditing Solutions LTD on their interim visit for 2021/2022 with only one recommendation arising which has now been satisfied. There are no further outstanding recommendations of this interim report.

The report highlights how far the Town Council has come in the last two years and commends the positive action being taken to safeguard public money.

Mayor of Patchway Councillor Jon Butler said:

‘We have seen a massive shift over a period of time to get to this stage where we have exemplary audits and procedures in place, which are now strictly followed. I wish to thank all of the Council’s staff and members who have worked hard to keep making drastic improvements in the way in which we handle the financial side of Patchway Town Council. This report is testament to the hard work that the Council have put in over a number of years.’

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