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Patchway Town Council has given out their first community award scheme to Charley (pictured). She has been looking after her community by litter picking around the Town. The Council rewarded Charley with a certificate, her own Patchway Town Council Hi-Vis and some easter treats.

Paige Josham

(Mamma’s Group – Has been cooking full meals, giving out free ingredients and help for Patchway)

Mike Phillips

Has been cleaning off all benches and bus stops on a constant basis around the Town to try and make them safe for all residents.

Revd. Howard Jameson

For keeping Patchway Foodbank going and ensuring needs are met. Also online church services for his worshippers)

Barbara Loveridge

Barbara has been cooking meals for delivery for isolated residents

James French

A young child who has been out litter picking all over Patchway constantly.

Kelsey Lee Booy

Was nominated for helping with support though the Mamma’s page

Maroof Ghansar

Congratulation to Maroof Ghansar of Whitsun Leaze . Patchway

Parasanar Ramarathnam

For helping others out during the Coranavirus

Win Williams

Win is always doing things for her community and is always on hand if you need her

Lorraine Graham

Lorraine helped out during the Coranavirus

Amruta Bendre

Amruta helped out during the Coronavirus

Emma Snow

Emma helped out during the Coronavirus outbreak

Gerald Burdett

Gerald helped out during the Coranavirus outbreak

Hannah Fletcher

Hannah helped out during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer helped out during the Coronavirus outbreak

Liucija Juryte

Liucija helped out during the Coronavirus outbreak

Jo Buddharaju

Jo helped out during the coronavirus outbreak

Simon Bowers

Simon helped out during the coronavirus outbreak

Rachael Allen

Rachael helped out during the Coronavirus outbreak

Melanie Davies

Melanie helped out during the Coronavirus outbreak

Ann Wathern

Ann was nominated for helping out during the Coranavirus outbreak

Paul Wathern

Paul was nominated for all his help during the Coronaviurs outbreak

Ray Morrish

Ray was nominated for his help with Patchway Foodbank ,Patchway Minibus and St Chad's Church

Pat Morrish

Pat was nominated for her help with Patchway Foodbank ,Patchway Minibus and St Chad's Church

Leslie Brooks

Les is a well known member of the Patchway Community with involvement in Pretoria Road Allotments, Men in Sheds, Patchway Garden Society , Patchway   Festival as well as Computer Surfers.

Dave Shellard (Dave The Baker)

Dave Shellard also known as Dave The Baker gained a Community Award Nomination for keeping the community spirit alive by opening up his bakery and cooking food for other businesses and charities.

John Lane

John works continuously for other people , helping out at the food bank, memory group and now he is making scrubs and masks for the NHS

Susan Stengel

Sue as nominated for helping set up and running the Memory Cafe for the carers, and people living with  dementia.

Susan Williams

Sue was nominated for her voluntary work with, The Memory Cafe, Patchway Festival, Patchway People , Brooks Cafe and helping out at the over 55's Tea party

Tanya Reddick

Tanya was nominated for assisting at the Sunday Tea Party and her willingness to always lend a hand.

Matthew from Jhoots Pharmacy

Matthew was nominated for his commitment he has shown to our community not just in uncertain times but always from delivery of drugs to the elderly when the snow came to waking to someone house to check the patient had the correct cough mixture after the shop had closed. Always has a smile on his face and a nice cheery person to everyone he meets. 
Well done Matthew

Sandra Smith

Sandra was nominated for being the Editor of Patchway People the local community news publication for Patchway and Charlton Hayes . Co-ordinating a delivery during lock-down and ensuring happiness is spread where 
ever she goes.

Coniston Medical Practice

For working tirelessly through out the pandemic.Providing telephone consultations in as many cases as possible to keep the resident of Patchway , Charlton Hayes and the surrounding areas safe and well

Caroline Ogborne and Marion Thomas

Working in a volunteer capacity to help out at Patchway Foodbank to control the stock and making up food parcels

Ian Winter

Helping out the community of Patchway , Making masks and distributing them to NHS staff . Distributing meals for Mammas Bristol

Kathy Rudge

Deputy Lead volunteer for Patchway Memory Cafe,arranging transport fro all the members  who would otherwise be unable tot attend the Memory Cafe

Sue Peard

A long standing volunteer of Patchway Memory Cafe who ensures everyone has their choice of food on Memory Cafe trips out

Lynsey Wyborne

Making hundreds of meals to assist with Mammas Meals project

Kay Williams

Making hundreds of meals to assist with Mammas Meals project

Louise Giddings

Making hundreds of meals to assist with Mammas Meals project

Laura Jones

Laura Jones was nominated for her Community Award for her outstanding commitment prior to and during Covid-19 , for supplying and delivering food and much more to Patchway Foodbank . The dedication from her and Morrisons has been outstanding.

Conor McAvoy

Well done to Conor McAvoy despite being aged only 7 he has been sorting out donations every Tuesday at Patchway Foodbank since the beginning of lockdown until he went back to school . 
A well deserved Community Award


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