Patchway Children's Centre 

Patchway Children's Centre is at Epney Close, Patchway , BS34 5TF : Tel: 01454 86 41 46 

The sessions provided are open to all and it has its own individual timetable: 

Sessions include: Early Learning and development,healthy lifestyles sessions, parenting support, support for young mothers, breast feeding support group, community learning and adult education, careers advice and support, social coffee morning for parents and babies, baby massage, counselling advice antenatal and postnatal groups, play sessions ,health and safety awareness and support with children with additional needs. 

Please contact the Children Centre direct for individual sessions and times. 

Pre-Schools and Nurseries 

Ambourne House Day Nursery: 233 Gloucester Road, Patchway : Tel 01454

615 352 

Little Rainbows Pre-School. 221 Rodway Road Patchway. Tel: 

07796 076 253 

Patchway Centre Pre-School and Tots: 

Patchway Community Centre, Rodway Road. Tel: 07875 201 322 

St Chad's Pre School : Epney Close, Patchway . Tel: 07812 895 114


Callicroft Primary Academy, Rodway Road, Patchway : 

E-mail: or Tel: 01454 867 195

Charlton Wood Primary Academy: Charlton Boulevard, Patchway 

E-mail: or Tel: 0117 450 6606

Coniston Primary School, 5 Epney Close, Patchway: E-mail: or Tel:01454 866 920

Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Amberley Road, Patchway 

Telephone: 01454 866786

Patchway Community School, Hempton Lane, Almondsbury ;

Tel: 01454 86 20 20 

St Chad's Patchway , CE VC Primary School, Cranham Drive, Patchway .

Tel: 01454 866523

Stoke Lodge Primary School : School Close, Patchway . 

Telephone: 01454 866772