Four Seasons Photography Competition


Patchway Town Council have teamed up with Patchway Conservation Group to bring this competition to you. 

We are looking for entrants to send in their images of Patchway in all four different seasons. There will be prizes for children and adults, with the winning photos being chosen by representatives from Patchway Town Council, Patchway Conservation Group and a special guest judge. 

We are looking for images that encapsulate Patchway, the area and the wildlife of that area. We want to see Patchway's beauty really shine in these images. We do ask that no people are captured in the images.

The competition will be for all four seasons and images must be taken in 2021 for them to be accepted. The closing dates will be posted on each poster for each season. 

The winners from each category will be put forward into the design for a 'Patchway Calendar' for 2022, which will be available to purchase at a later date.


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