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Patchway Town Council Patchway Town Council -  A Quality Town Council

Patchway Town Council

Mayor of Patchway and Chairman of Patchway Town Council
  • Mrs Elaine Martin

    Patchway Town Council Members

    • Mr T.Bathe-Taylor
    • Ms J. Buddharaju
    • Mr J. Butler
    • Ms P. Cottrell
    • Mr K. Dando
    • Mr E. Gordon
    • Mr B. Hopkinson
    • Mr R. Loveridge (Vice-Chair)
    • Mrs M. Martin (Chair)
    • Mr G. Pykov
    • Mr S. Scott
    • Mrs T. Scott
    • Mr S.Shambhu
    • Mrs I.Walker
    • Mr K. Walker

    Terms of Reference

    The Council meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at Callicroft House in Rodway Road, except for August.

    The Council has, at present, the following Committees with membership and responsibilities as listed. Each Committee elects its own Chairman and may elect a Vice-Chairman. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are ex-officio members of every committee.

    1. Finance Committee

      Meets monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of the month. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are members, together with the Chairman of each Committee and four other Councillors. The Chairman of the Council is the Chairman of this Committee.

      The Finance Committee considers applications for grants, budgets for various areas of work, other financial matters and matters of urgency. It makes recommendations to the Council but may be given the power to act. During the month of August when the Council is in recess, the Finance Committee acts on any urgent matter.

    2. Parks & Open Spaces Committee

      Meets each month and has 6 members, including its Chairman. Responsible for the running of Scott Park and maintenance of the pavilion, play areas, grass cutting and other equipment. Oversees the work of the grounds staff.

      Responsible for the allotment sites at Pretoria Road and Blakeney Road (although each is run by a committee of tenants). Pretoria Road site is owned by the Council and Blakeney Road is leased from South Gloucestershire. Also responsible for the three play areas at Blakeney Road, Bevington Walk, Gorse Covert; also The Tumps (an area of open space owned by the Town Council but maintained by Patchway Conservation Group with grant aid from the Town and other sources). Also responsible for the landscaped area at the Durban/Rodway Road crossroads, which is to be maintained by the Town and the flower beds at Coniston Parade.

    3. Planning & Transport Committee

      Meets monthly and has 6 members, including its Chairman. Comments on planning issues effecting Patchway and puts forward recommendations to South Gloucestershire.

      Responsible for the bus shelters owned and maintained by the Town, six public seats and numerous litter bins. Comments on public transport issues which affect Patchway and has held a series of discussions with the Highways Department on traffic management issues as well as improvements to the bus and rail service and introduction of cycle ways.

    4. Personnel Committee

      Deals with confidential, personnel issues and has five members including the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

    • Scott Park Advisory Committee

      Members of the Parks & Open Spaces Committee are joined by representatives of all the sports groups which use the Park and of the Sports and Social Club (which is a tenant of the Town Council). Three members of the public are elected to the committee at the Town Meeting in May.

    • Representation on other organisations

      The Town Council is represented on the following organisations:

    • Almondsbury Joint Burial Committee

      A cemetery in Lower Almondsbury is operated jointly by the Local Councils of Almondsbury and Patchway. The Town Council contributes towards the expenses of running the cemetery and appoints three representative to attend the quarterly meetings.

    • Coniston Community Association

      The Community Centre is owned by the Town Council and leased to the Community Association on a peppercorn lease.

    • Patchway Community Association

      The Community Centre is owned by the Town Council and leased to the Community Association on a peppercorn lease.

    • Patchway Sports Centre

      The Sports Centre is managed by the Circadian Trust but the Town Council is represented on the management committee.

    • Avon Local Councils Association (South Glos. Area Group)

      Town Council pays a subscription to belong to ALCA which is part of the National Association of Local Councils and obtains vital legal information through this membership.

    • Patchway Twinning Association

      Patchway is twinned with Clermont l'Herault in France and Gauting in Germany. The Twinning Association organises community events involving the three towns and the Town Council has two representatives on this committee. Official twinning links are dealt with by the Council.

    • Patchway, Filton & the Stokes Volunteer Centre

      Recruits volunteers and supports local groups seeking voluntary help. The Town Council makes an annual grant to support the Bureau.

    • Almondsbury Charity

      Lew Gray represents the Council on this committee.