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Patchway Town Council Patchway Town Council -  A Quality Town Council

Parks & Open Spaces Committee

Parks & Open Spaces Committee Members

  • Mrs E.Martin
  • Mr R.Loveridge
  • Mrs J.Budharaju
  • Mr J.Butler
  • Mr P.Cottrell
  • Mr K.Dando
  • Mr E.Gordon
  • Mrs I.Walker

Terms of Reference

Meets monthly and has nine members, including its Chairman. Responsible for the running of Scott Park and maintenance of the pavilion, play areas, grass cutting and other equipment. Oversees the work of the grounds staff.

Responsible for the allotment sites at Pretoria Road and Blakeney Road (although each is run by a committee of tenants). Pretoria Road site is owned by the Council and Blakeney Road is leased from South Gloucestershire. Also responsible for the three play areas at Blakeney Road, Bevington Walk, Gorse Covert; also The Tumps (an area of open space owned by the Town Council and maintained by the Town Council Also responsible for the landscaped area at the Durban/Rodway Road crossroads, which is to be maintained by the Town Council.

The Council has, at present, an Advisory Committee which meets quarterly and reports to the Parks & Open Spaces Committee:

    Scott Park Advisory Committee

    Members of the Parks & Open Spaces Committee are joined by representatives of all the sports groups which use the Park and of the Sports and Social Club (which is a tenant of the Town Council). Three members of the public are elected to the committee at the Town Meeting in May.