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Patchway Town Council Patchway Town Council -  A Quality Town Council

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Members

  • Mrs E.Martin
  • Mr R.Loveridge
  • Mr E.Bathe-Taylor
  • Mrs J.Budharaju
  • Mrs J.Butler
  • Mr P.Cottrell
  • Mr E.Gordon
  • Mr B.Hopkinson
  • Mr R.Loveridge
  • Mr G.Pykov
  • Mr S.Scott
  • Mrs T.Scott
  • Mr S.Shambhu
  • Mrs I.Walker
  • Mr K. Walker

Terms of Reference

Meets monthly,usually on the third Tuesday of the month. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are members, together with the elected Chairman and all other Councillors.

The Finance Committee considers applications for grants, budgets for various areas of work, other financial matters and matters of urgency. It makes recommendations to the Council but may be given the power to act. During the month of August when the Council is in recess, the Finance Committee acts on any urgent matter.